HSTec's Machine Vision Solutions for Advanced Industrial Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an interdisciplinary field concerned with building smart machines capable of performing cognitive functions such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. Advancements in AI, especially in machine learning and deep learning are making a paradigm shift in the production industry, enabling machines to detect patterns by processing data and experiences and learn how to make predictions and recommendations, all by using machine learning algorithms.

Further developments in machine learning algorithms, advancements in neural network models, and high-capacity computing power have made it possible for machine learning to evolve to the next level - deep learning. Advanced deep learning techniques can make machines understand. Machines can now classify, recognize, detect and describe. Machines can see an object, or in other words, capture an image and process the required information, and visually identify product defects. High-resolution cameras used for image processing enable the identification of the smallest defects or irregularities of the product, which the human eyes cannot see. With such accuracy and with further training of a machine learning model, it is possible to identify the most complex variables that separate a good product from a defective one. The defects can be identified in real-time and determined where they are occurring, based on which a machine learning model makes decisions such as pass/fail.

The mentioned machine learning features are fundamental for high-quality products, improved productivity, and reduced production costs. An increasing number of manufacturers are implementing machine vision systems in their production lines, quite aware it is an essential investment for the most effective process automation. HSTec is a leading expert in the implementation of machine vision systems and industrial automation. We offer comprehensive solutions, from consultations and engineering recommendations to complete production line transformation. All aspects of advanced industrial and robotic automation, such as 2D and 3D vision systems, machine tending robot cells, automated workpiece measuring and inspection systems, customized clamping devices, are a part of our product/solution/service portfolio.

Smart manufacturing is not a future perspective anymore, but it has become a usual and expected way of making a product. There is a great need for a higher level of process automation, interconnectedness, deployment of data acquisition and data analysis, machine learning, proactive maintenance, human-machine collaboration. There are many possibilities to implement these new technologies in the production process, where the safety and sustainability topics are of utmost importance. However, the benefits obtained by this new approach in manufacturing are numerous. Hopefully, the transition to smart manufacturing itself won't be as complicated. We anticipate your inquiries on working together on such projects, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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