SMART High-Speed Motorized Spindle

The motorized spindle and its role in manufacturing

High-speed motorized spindles represent a crucial functional unit of CNC machine tools. They are the rotational axis and the core of each machine tool. Whether CNC lathes, milling, and grinding machines or machining centers, the spindle axis performs the actual cutting of the workpiece material. Requirements for workpiece machining have become more and more demanding: high precision - high quality - high-speed production. Reducing the production cycle time while attaining more power and larger cutting force, as well as improving machining accuracy, reliability, and production efficiency is quite a challenge posed to the current production practices.

The future of manufacturing

If we go further with the introduction of Industry 4.0, Industrial Big Data, Industrial Internet of Things, sensorization, and AI, we are talking about the very near future of manufacturing: SMART manufacturing. Although these cutting-edge technologies have the capacity to transform the current production paradigm, including the design, manufacturing, and logistics process, it is yet to be proven by the most sustainable practical solution.

SMART Spindle developed by HSTec

The development of modern motorized spindles must follow this new approach. The spindle is now becoming a SMART machine tool component. HSTec's efforts in the development of such a component resulted in our own SMART high-speed motorized spindle. The following features make it an advanced, intelligent, and customer-oriented product:

  • Data acquisition and monitoring system including a user-friendly interface for real-time monitoring of bearing temperatures, shaft speed, and vibration

  • Integrated balancing system for measuring and correcting incurred unbalance while rotating (no spindle operation interruption!)

  • Active compensation of the spindle axial thermal expansion

  • Cryogenic machining using CO2

  • High-resolution speed and position sensors, incremental or absolute encoders

  • Compatibility and usability with all control devices and CNC machine programs

  • Mounting dimensions, max. motor speed and power according to customer request

  • Automatic or manual tool clamping system

  • Tool interface: HSK, SK, Capto, BT, EX

  • Various application possibilities: high-speed precision grinding up to 90000 rpm, high power density milling and turning up to 100 kW, drilling and boring applications, dressing of grinding wheel, spindles for specialized purposes such as robotic applications

Higher speeds indicate accelerated machining, high precision delivers improved quality, whereas high performance completes the challenging task. It is the new and improved spindle with the ability to communicate with the machine while predicting its maintenance. It has the potential to innovate and increase productivity.

HSTec is taking an active part in these transformational times by developing innovative and sustainable solutions. We are looking forward to your questions and inquiries, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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