HSTEC has joined an EIT Manufacturing project for the development of new CRYO-MQL machining solutions

HSTEC`s R&D team joined forces with research and technology leaders, the Chalmers University of Technology, TU WIEN, Accu-Svenska AB, University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), and Seco Tools in finding solutions for a waste-free production through more efficient cooling and lubrication that does not require substantial machine tool refits.

For this, HSTEC will be designing new motorized spindles according to the project requirements. Liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) cooling will provide an end-user solution for optimal media delivery and waste-free production.

With CRYO-MQL state-of-the-art technology, end-users get a combined mixture of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) as a machining coolant, when combined with minimum-quantity lubrication (MQL) to a cutting zone; it provides a significant improvement for applications demanding higher productivity, faster material removal, longer tool life, and enhanced quality.

CRYO Concept
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