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Universal robotic cell for machine tending applications
HSK Universal robotic cell HSR1200 Robotic Automation of Machining Process Robotic Automation Machine Tending Robot Based Machining Robot Based Machining Robotic automation of foundry Robotic machining with HSTEC motorized spindle Robot arc welding process Robotic Machine Tending Robotic automation of gluing process

Robotic automation

Robotic automation of production processes. We offer custom solutions for the implementation of robotic systems and cells for technological processes: machine tending, handling, machining (milling, grinding, polishing), welding and foundry processes.

High safety standards according to current regulations apply to all our cells.

Highlights from our HSR product line:

Robot based machining with high speed motorized spindle aided by advanced CAM software

Automation of polishing process

  • special polishing machine
  • linear polishing of cylindrical workpieces with diamond paste
  • robotic machine tending

Universal robotic cell HSR900,

  • robotic automation of machining processes
  • modular solutions for robotic machine tending
  • flexible setup

Robotic automation machine tending

  • Bin Picking Vision System

Robotic automation of applying adhesive tapes

  • application of neural networks in the robot guidance process
  • user friendly interface
  • short setup time

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