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We are the leading experts for repairs and optimization of motorized spindles.

Based on more than two decades of experience in the development and production of innovative spindles, we became leading experts for repairs and optimization of motorized spindles, belt-driven and direct-driven spindles for grinding, milling, turning, and boring.

HSTec offers service, repairs, redesign, and optimization of spindles and motorized spindles of all global manufacturers. Our high-precision CNC machines, the latest technologies, and superb quality control are crucial for the development and manufacturing of high-quality products that fit Industry 4.0 standards.

Our department for spindle service and repairs is equipped with a modern welding device for repairing damaged parts, numerous CNC machine tools, lathes, and highly precise grinding machines.

We use various test and diagnostic equipment:

  • spindle vibration analysis equipment (Hofmann and SKF)
  • high-voltage insulation testing of stator windings (Baker)
  • highly accurate and precise testing equipment of various sensor types, such as high-resolution motor speed and position sensor, as well as incremental and absolute encoders (Heidenhain, Lenord Bauer, VS-Senzorik, Siemens).

We offer complete refurbishment of damaged spindle parts: HSK and SK cones, bearings, and more.

Each spindle, received for repair or service undergoes thorough testing and diagnostics of all functionalities, in order to make the spindle condition report. Further steps are taken to repair and possibly optimize the spindle, with the aim of extending its service life.

Only original spare parts are used, or by appointment, replacement parts that meet the specifications of the original parts. All the proposed solutions are made according to the customer's needs and the requirements of the machine that uses the spindle.

Our longstanding experience, the expertise of our employees, and high-precision equipment have shaped us into the regional leading company for spindle service and repairs.

Service & Repairs
Service & Repairs
Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs


HSTec's production quality, product innovation, and highly qualified staff are widely recognized. We follow global trends in industrial automation, constantly applying new technologies based on extensive market research. As there is always room for improvement, we are in constant search of talent who can help us achieve the goal of ongoing development. In return, we offer continuous improvement, career-advancement possibilities, and collaboration with top professionals in the field.

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