Where Engineering Meets the Art – Sequel No. 1

Where Engineering Meets the Art – Sequel No. 1

Get ready to experience the perfect harmony of technology and artistry with HSTec spindles. These spindles are engineered to precision and crafted to perfection, making them a treat for both your eyes and your machines.

Discover the ultimate blend of technological excellence and visual appeal with HSTec spindles.

Stay tuned for more photographs in the „Gallery of our Masterpieces“ series!

Meet our HSM132 series, which could be customized according to your needs:

Rated power: 26 kW

Rated torque: 60 Nm

Max. speed: 15000 rpm

Active balancing system

Acoustic emission sensor

Synchronous built-in motor

High-resolution speed and position sensor

Steel bearings, grease lubrication

Automatic tool clamping system

Tool clamping system control

Water cooling system


HSTec's production quality, product innovation, and highly qualified staff are widely recognized. We follow global trends in industrial automation, constantly applying new technologies based on extensive market research. As there is always room for improvement, we are in constant search of talent who can help us achieve the goal of ongoing development. In return, we offer continuous improvement, career-advancement possibilities, and collaboration with top professionals in the field.

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