Celebrating the 25th anniversary of HSTec

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of HSTec

A significant milestone in our company's history: our "Silver Jubilee." Ever since 1997. HSTec has been creating innovative and customized solutions for various industrial applications. A quarter-century ago, we commenced our journey as a spin-off company with only several employees, a small-scale production line, and a strong dose of courage. Top-quality, high precision, flexibility, and constant improvement were the main principles that have led us to become what we are today: a leading expert in spindle drive technology and industrial automation.

HSTec is now a medium-sized company with 100+ employees and continues to grow in size and in quality of innovative solutions and products. Our customers and partners played an essential role in our evolution as they challenged us to reach higher and become a part of a global economy. Of course, none of this would be possible without our dear colleagues, our past and present employees, who put their heart into every product and project HSTec has made. It took a lot of effort to succeed globally, coming from a somewhat restrictive environment and a small country like Croatia. Nonetheless, during these 25 years, HSTec focused on self-improvement, forging its character, and aspiring to become a better version of itself.

On this occasion, we would like to thank all of our employees and business partners and express our appreciation for the great work. We are grateful for your cooperation and for being there with us.

It's been an exceptional adventure, the best and sometimes challenging 25 years! May there be at least 25 more!


HSTec's production quality, product innovation, and highly qualified staff are widely recognized. We follow global trends in industrial automation, constantly applying new technologies based on extensive market research. As there is always room for improvement, we are in constant search of talent who can help us achieve the goal of ongoing development. In return, we offer continuous improvement, career-advancement possibilities, and collaboration with top professionals in the field.

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