Advanced Industrial


Machine tending robot cells

Available in various different pallet sizes and suitable for all turning and milling machine tool brands.

  • Flexible and simple setup
  • Suitable for all turning and milling machine tool brands
  • Possibility of installing different robot types and brands
  • Workpiece measurement, vision system
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation and programming interface
  • Smart workpiece handling, quick pallet exchange
  • High reach up to 2000 mm
  • Load capacity up to 35 kg
  • Workpiece dimensions: height and diameter up to 250 mm


Production process automation with industrial robots

Custom solutions for the implementation of robotic systems and cells for technological processes.

We offer solutions for machine tending, handling, machining (milling, grinding, polishing), welding, and foundry processes. High safety standards according to current regulations apply to all our cells.


  • Automation of polishing process:
  • Special polishing machine
  • Linear polishing of cylindrical workpieces with diamond paste
  • Robotic machine tending
  • Robot automation of machine tending:
  • Bin Picking Vision System
  • Robot automation od applying adhesive tapes:
  • Advanced algorithms based robot guidance process
  • User-friendly interface
  • Short setup time


Specialized machines for process automation, assembly, and quality inspection

Customized machines and devices, implementation, and integration into the production process.


  • Flexible Vision Measuring System:
  • Advanced measuring algorithms
  • Measuring area up to 5m
  • Multi-station automated assembly and inspection machine:
  • High precision and process reliability
  • Product functionality control
  • High productivity, short cycles
  • Advanced software solutions, automatic reports
  • Remote assistance


Special machine tools

Tools designed to perform special machining operations for production purposes.

  • Multi-technology machining
  • CNC control
  • Direct driven turntable
  • Workpiece positioning control
  • High precision clamping system (zero point)
  • High speed direct driven units
  • Hydraulic rotary unions
  • Automatic workpiece loading and unloading


Complex clamping devices

Custom made machine tool clamping devices for workpiece positioning - hydraulic or pneumatic.


  • Hydraulic clamping device for machining of automobile engine aluminum parts:
  • Multiple clamping possibilities for different machining stages
  • Workpiece positioning control
  • Hydraulic clamping device for mold part machining in the glass industry:
  • High precision workpiece positioning
  • High flexibility and productivity
  • Prepared for robotic automation
  • Hydraulic clamping device for steel part machining for special purposes:
  • High stability and machining precision
  • Fast integration in the existing process
  • Prepared for robotic automation


HSTec's production quality, product innovation, and highly qualified staff are widely recognized. We follow global trends in industrial automation, constantly applying new technologies based on extensive market research. As there is always room for improvement, we are in constant search of talent who can help us achieve the goal of ongoing development. In return, we offer continuous improvement, career-advancement possibilities, and collaboration with top professionals in the field.

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