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We offer comprehensive solutions for the machine tool industry - from consultations and engineering recommendations to complete production line transformation.
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AI evolution of
high-speed spindles

Innovative Motorized Spindles

AI evolution of high-speed spindles

Transform your production process and increase productivity by implementing the new and improved SMART spindle, engineered to communicate with the machine and predict its maintenance. Our high-precision CNC machines, the latest technologies, and superb quality control are crucial for the development and manufacturing of high-quality products that fit Industry 4.0 standards.

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HSM060SB — high precision grinding spindle

We offer standard and special design solutions for motorized spindles

According to your needs, we can specify:
spindle dimensions
spindle torque
motor speed
tool clamping
tool interface
lubrication type
position sensor type


HSM160SD — high-performance milling spindle


Advanced Industrial Automation

Make your production process safer and sustainable by implementing 2D and 3D vision systems, machine tending robot cells, automated workpiece measuring and inspection systems, and customized clamping devices.

Created for smarter manufacturing

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HSR1800 — universal robotic cell for machine tending applications


At your Service

Based on more than two decades of experience in the development and production of innovative spindles, we became leading experts for repairs and optimization of motorized spindles, belt-driven and direct-driven spindles for grinding, milling, turning, and boring.

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Authorized Representation

We team up with the leaders in automation to build optimal industrial solutions for our clients.

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Advanced sensor technology


Electric drives and controls


Intelligent balancing solutions

Wittenstein alpha

High-precision gearboxes,
servo drives, linear systems


High quality measuring instruments


HSTec's production quality, product innovation, and highly qualified staff are widely recognized. We follow global trends in industrial automation, constantly applying new technologies based on extensive market research. As there is always room for improvement, we are in constant search of talent who can help us achieve the goal of ongoing development. In return, we offer continuous improvement, career-advancement possibilities, and collaboration with top professionals in the field.

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