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Automatic hydraulic clamping device for safe workpiece clamping

Machine tool components for automation of production processes

The HSK product line represents machine tool components, such as customized clamping devices, machining units and multi turret heads. Our competences and long-standing experience are the basis for development of innovative concepts according to customer needs.

Highlights from our HSK product line:

Hydraulic clamping device for machining of automobile engine aluminum parts

  • multiple clamping possibilities for different machining stages
  • workpiece positioning control

Hydraulic clamping device for mould part machining in the glass industry

  • high precision positioning of workpiece
  • high flexibility and productivity
  • prepared for robotic automation

Multi-spindle drilling head

  • DIN 69002, customized solutions
  • tool cooling through spindles

Hydraulic clamping device for steel part machining for special purposes

  • high stability and machining precision
  • fast integration in existing process
  • prepared for robotic automation

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